Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast 2017

Every year at Snapper Rocks, Coolangata, Gold Coast – there is one of the biggest surfing events for Australia.
The Quicksilver and Roxy Pro are the first events of the year for World Surf League’s Championship Tour.
The biggest names in surfing come to Australia from all over the world to compete for a title and the points in the classification.

It became the yearly tradition, that Media students from EIP are having their classes on the beach at the times of competition.
The school is providing the gear and that way the students are able to practice the art of photographing and filming the live event.
Our Media teacher is there to help and guide them throughout the entire event.
As a next step – the participants get to edit and work on their gathered material at EIP school during following weeks!

Here’s a video taken and edited in 2016!
Enjoy! 🙂